by Simon

…was the year after I left school. I had money in my pocket thanks to a decent part time job and was meeting, thanks to transferring to a sixth form college, like minded people for the first time. Many of whom were girls. That was a pleasant surprise after being at a boy’s school; the only girls I knew where the girls from my estate, who just thought I was weird. I also fell in love for the first time. I mean really fell, head over heels. That can’t eat can’t sleep can’t breath when she’s around kind of infatuation. And of course it was unrequited. Or so I thought. I found out years later that the only reason she kept her distance was my reputation (not undeserved I must add) for being a party animal. Oh well. She became a Liberal Democrat MP so maybe fate was kind.

The Godfathers – This Damn Nation
Sharp suits and ferocious garage rock.

The Redskins – Levi Stubbs Tears
A live version of the Billy Bragg classic by the left wing skinhead trio. Fantastic vocals.

The Wolfhounds – LA Juice.
More ferocious garage rock. Must have been something in the water at the time.

The Bodines – Heard It All
Melancholy jangle pop. Unfortunately this isn’t the Creation single, this is the more slick Ian Broudie produced b-side from 1987. But hey, it’s a great song nonetheless.