I Love Pink Floyd……..

by Simon

…….ok I don’t. A pretty poor April Fools! I really don’t like Pink Floyd. Ok, the Syd stuff is good, but that Floyd was almost a different band. The post Syd stuff…all of it…just makes me feel bored.

I guess I have associated memories for some of it as well. There was a guy at school, Kevin, who got into them about the same time I started listening to punk. Kevin was rolling his own and mellowing out; I was altogether speedier and bouncing off the walls. And I hated Kevin. Whenever I see the Dark Side image I just smell spliff and patchouli and see his smug face. And then there was the english rose and the acid, the summer of 1985…but I’m not going to go there. Bad memory. Really. Very bad memory.

So anyway, I’m older now. My tastes have broadened over the years to include things that I never thought I’d be into; ELO anyone? Loved them as a little kid, couldn’t stand the thought of them through my teens and twenties, but never actually listened to them to hear what I thought I hated. Big, lovely surprise to find I liked them. Shouldn’t be too surprised though, I do like Super Furry Animals after all…

So I feel I should give them another go. But I’m reluctant. They really are the last man standing in my dislikes list. I’ve given everything else a go, even if I found I still didn’t like it. But Pink Floyd…I just can’t bring myself to go there.

But – any Pink Floyd fans out there – if I was to sit down and listen to one again, where should I start?