I love….

by Simon

…..Kate Nash and Adele and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Kate Nash – Birds

Kate Nash’s album was probably my favourite album of last year. Quite a few people I know were reluctant to buy into the hype for a while but once they did, like me, they were hooked. Good tunes, great lyrics, and a lovely individual voice. This version of Birds was what did it for me, it’s from a single before she did Foundations. There’s a version on the album, but it’s not as good as this. I just love the way she tells little stories; and there’s some nice writing going on in the lyrics.

Adele – Daydreamer

I’d heard about Adele, but again when something gets hyped I tend to run the other way. But then I saw her on Jonathan Ross doing Chasing Pavements and I just fell in love with her voice and the song itself. This is a lot more controlled, a lot mellower; it sounds like she’s been listening to Minnie Riperton.

What I really like about both is that they sound like London records. I haven’t really written about my London obsession; but I’ve gotten into so many people because they have songs about my city: for instance Madness, The Kinks, The Pogues, Squeeze. There’s a whole batch of artists lately that get lumped together by lazy journalists: the whole Brits school for instance. But I’m loving it that there are so many artists from London coming through. People reckon the music business is only interested in the scene in London; but most of the bands performing there, from my own experience don’t come from London. There’s a definite feel to songs by people who actually come from here that I feel right down to my bones. I’ll write about that in more detail; with some of my favourite London records. But in the meantime, if you’re not sold on the hype surrounding these women over the past couple of years, open your ears and give them another listen.