Sounds For Sunday On Tuesday

by Simon

I couldn’t wait until Sunday for this little bunch.

We have several versions of songs by The Beatles. We have a classic Motown band performing Hey Jude, bringing out it’s latent Sly Stone soul. A classic Stax instrumental combo performing the same tune. We have The Supremes from their oddity album A Bit Of Liverpool, a 1964 album where they performed songs from the British Invasion.

It’s a strange album where despite the name several of the songs come from bands who had nothing to do with Liverpool. It’s also odd for a Motown album in that the band are doing fairly note perfect copies of the original ‘beat’ versions, rather than full on soul versions. And for the most part the Supremes sound like they had never heard the songs before the session. It lends it an almost ‘garage’ feel.

From the excellent After Hours series, we have the amazing Ella Fitzgerald performing The Temptations ‘Get Ready’.

And finally, all the way from North London come sixties band The Equals, mostly known for their song ‘Baby Come Back’ and Eddy Grant. While a lot of their material may be closer to pop, give these two very Temptations (in their Sly Stone period) influenced tunes a listen. If it looks like soul, sounds like soul you could probably call it soul…

The Temptations – Hey Jude
The Bar-Keys – Hey Jude
The Equals – Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys
The Equals – Stand Up And Be Counted
The Supremes – House Of The Rising Sun
The Supremes – A Hard Days Night
Ella Fitzgerald – Get Ready