Sounds For Sunday

by Simon

I’m not going to be around on Sunday, so we’re early this week.

I’m suffering a stress of the digital age this week. I got hold of a large number of old soul tunes on Wednesday. If they had come in vinyl format they’d be worth a small fortune. I can’t see people paying good money for the digital format though.

Anyway, after adding them to my iTunes I find I’ve a folder marked ‘soul’ that would take me nearly 8 days of constant listening to get through. How am I ever going to listen to it all properly? Even if I concentrated on the ‘new’ stuff that I’ve just gotten hold of I’m looking at 3 days worth of listening. Still I could do a serious weekender out of that!

Here’s a sample of what I’m dealing with here. Check out the great intro and breakdown of the Bobby Wells tune. A lovely little groove. While we’re on the subject of intros, is it me or does the intro to the First Choice tune sound a little like The Smiths?

My favourite of the lot is the Ruby Winters track though. What a song and lordy lordy lordy what a voice!

Enjoy the sunshine if you get it!

Bobby Wells – Lets Cop A Groove
Big Jim’s Border Crossing – Love Built On A Strong Foundation
Eddie Giles & The Numbers – Sexy Lady
The Carstairs – It Really Hurts Me Girl
First Choice – This Is The House Where Love Died
S.O.U.L. – This Time Around
Ruby Winters – Better
Robert Thomas – Salvation
The Montclaires – Hung Up On Your Love