Out Of The Blue (Into The Fire) – The The

by Simon

More occasional favourites: If you were to force me (go on I dare you) to name my top ten albums I would probably put The The’s Infected album on the list somewhere. It was a soundtrack to my late teens and early twenties even before I reached them. A prophecy if you like. “I was trying so hard to be myself I was turning into somebody else”.

A lot of my problem back then (back then…try always) was sex. I discovered that, for me anyway, getting laid was easy. It was what happened next that was the problem. And no sex education warns you about the ego trip it can be. Yup I was a bad boy, and I gained a pretty bad reputation amongst people I knew. But it was also about losing yourself. Add all the other ways you can lose yourself. I was aiming for a good time and also to find something but….It never really worked, and for a few years (and again a few years later) I lost sight of who I was, or maybe more importantly, who I wanted to be.

I first heard this song back in 1986 when Channel4 showed the whole album in it’s rarely seen video form. So instead of an MP3 you’ve the video, in all it’s sleazy glory.