Power Pop!

by Simon

Here’s The Bangles from the 1985 album All Over The Place with Hero Takes A Fall and Dover Beach. Hero was one of my favourite singles that year. Perhaps it was Susanna Hoffs dressed as a french maid in the video playing a Rickenbacker. Perhaps…

The summer of 1985 we’d finished our exams and summer came – raining heavily all the time and so sitting around catching our breath after escaping from school listening to this album was what we did. I was particularly taken with the way Susanna sang “If I had the time I would run away with you” as I recall….

Here’s also two tracks by Australia’s Hoodoo Gurus (who toured a lot with The Bangles) the classic What’s My Scene? and Good Times, which features The Bangles on backing vocals.

Susanna Hoffs recently did an album with Matthew Sweet of 60s covers, including a great version of Different Drum, which I might post sometime. Sometimes there’s nothing better than some straightahead Power Pop on a rainy day!

(OK I admit it, this was simply an excuse to post a picture of Susanna Hoffs…)

The Bangles – Hero Takes A Fall
The Bangles – Dover Beach
The Hoodoo Gurus – What’s My Scene?
The Hoodoo Gurus – Good Times