Random Play – Hall & Oates

by Simon

We never owned a record player when I was a kid. We got our first one when I was about 12. So up until that point all the music I knew came from either Top Of The Pops or the radio, or from cassettes when the cassette player worked.

Cassettes in the house were either sixties soul, Elvis or country. And a Beach Boys compilation that I obsessed over.

My prized possession was a radio. I’m not sure if it was the one in the picture. I definitely know it was a brown Grundig, and bought for me in about 1975 or 1976. I listened religiously to the chart rundowns, the breakfast show before going to school and Capital Radio in the night when I was supposed to be asleep. Capital Radio for those not from London is still going strong and is a London based station (the clue is in the name…). Their staple sounds on the late night shows were soul or soul influenced tunes and Bruce Springsteen. And when I hear a lot of Seventies soul tunes or Born To Run I just get this huge wave of nostalgia for my old radio.

Hall And Oates were huge Capital Radio favourites too, especially a song like She’s Gone, with it’s big Philly sounding choruses and moody ‘hot in the city’ feel to the verses. It would probably have come up as a request tune for some bloke called Gary from Holloway missing his girl Sharon who he’d just split up with. And the DJ all smooth and deep voiced would have said something like “It’ll get better mate, meanwhile Sharon, he’s missing you love something rotten. This one is for you from Gary. Hall And Oates and She’s Gone…”

Seemed like some strange other universe to a seven year old.

Hall And Oates – She’s Gone