Random Play: Yeh-Yeh – You Will Pay

by Simon

This song is one of a bundle of songs that remind me of my first heart break.
Mixed in with that are snowbound February, rainy March, rainy April, rainy May and the smell of wet paving stones and Benson & Hedges along Old Street. A girl who changed her name four times.

“You Will Pay” by Yeh-Yeh was released in early 1986. Yeh-Yeh were a mod band from Lancashire I think, but I’m not sure. I think this was the only record they released. If you like The Jam and Motown then you’ll probably like this brassy power pop tune.

“Now I suppose that it’s all over, Well I feel sorry for the next poor boy that you choose I have done my course, Now it’s somebody elses turn”

Yeh Yeh – You Will Pay

*Following contact from Andy From Yeh-Yeh, here’s somewhere for you to go to see what they’re doing now: