Random Play: The Lambrettas

by Simon

More Mod music from my iTunes random.

The Lambrettas and Da-A-Ance. The Lambrettas were one of the Mod revival bands that came out during 1979/80 after the success of The Jam and the return of the Mod fashion. They were always talked about with a bit of a sneer amongst people I knew, as if they were a little bit plastic. But this track is a perfectly fine piece of power pop as far as I’m concerned.

I love the rhythmic changes, the way it rushes along underneath parts of it then stop starts under others. I love the chords, the melancholy feel and the innocence of it. It reminds me of being 16.

To be honest I think The Lambrettas music stands up a lot better than some of the other Mod Revival bands. There’s a lot less of The Jam influencing their stuff and it’s dated rather better because of that. In my humble opinion.

The Lambrettas – Da-A-Ance