Sounds For Sunday

by Simon

They don’t prepare you for this. I guess my mum’s mum was gone by the time she was two; so she didn’t know about this. The dark cloud that’s just there at the edge of your vision, that occasionally sweeps across and obscures everything. Then it passes and you feel…well normal again.

I was down in the Welsh Valleys for what felt like forever. Without my music. I was even starting to regain the Welsh accent that I’d had as a kid. I felt the need for music as a physical thing. Loud music that I could feel in my bones. The first thing I did after getting home was to turn it up full blast.

The Hideaways – Hideout
Dee & Joe – Who Is It Gonna Be?
JJ Barnes – Baby Please Come Back Home
JJ Barnes – Baby Please Come Back Home (Acappella)
Rose Batise – Come Back In A Hurry
Billy Preston – Billy’s Bag