Pop Quiz answers….

by Simon

On Sunday I asked the following:

“Ok, Dancing In The Street inspired which classic rock tune/riff?
In My Lonely Street was ripped off by which Mod icon for one of his excellent b-sides? And name the song…
And finally the Rolling Stones cover of Marvin Gaye’s version of Hitch-Hike inspired which 80s Indie anthem?”

And the answers….drum roll please…or at least a bacon roll…

Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

Apparently the famous guitar line is a magpie moment of Dancing In The Streets, even though Keef thought it was an unconcious rip . So much so that he wanted to bin it at one point…sometimes I listen to this song after not having heard it for a while. And do you know what? It’s great!

Headstart For Happiness – The Style Council

Not really a surprise that Weller would nick a riff from somewhere, especially a Motown tune that was covered by 60s Mods The Action.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths

I remember an interview with Johnny Marr back in the 80s where the interviewer suggested the intro to this had been ‘inspired’ by The Velvets “There She Goes Again”. Which would have been a very mid 80s indie influence. He put them right by saying he’d got it from the song Hitch Hike, but not the Marvin Gaye version, the Rolling Stones version. Around that same time Julian Cope was waxing lyrical about the Stones too. For some reason – their dinosaur status most likely – the Stones were not supposed to be an acceptable indie influence around the mid 80s. It wasn’t until the Stone Roses came along that changed as I recall.

And finally: Does anybody have Seven Ways To Love by Cola Boy? I would be most grateful: I can’t find my copy of it anywhere!!

***Thanks to the long time lurker I now have a copy again. Which is very nice! Thank you so much*******