What did you want to be when you grew up dad?

by Simon

Well, for my part I wanted to be Joe Strummer. My first electric guitar was a Telecaster because of him, and when pushed I will say The Clash are my all time favourite band. It’s difficult to write about them for me. There’s just too many things to speak about, the bass lines, the guitars, the drums, Mick’s vocals, Joe chewing a mouthful of angry wasps over the top.

And the way they looked too. I can honestly say that for me no other band looked as good as The Clash. They were just the perfect band.

Strummer and Jones weren’t necessarily the best singers ever – they wouldn’t get past the first audition for something like X Factor thank God, but they were amongst the best vocalists ever.

One of my favourite performances by the band is The Magnificent Seven (although I found out recently that bass line was a loop played by the Blockheads’ bass player who was standing in for Paul temporarily). It’s the energy of the thing, the excitement you can feel from the speakers at this band from London playing the first white rap tune. It’s brilliantly ridiculous, Joe sounding like he was singing what he saw as somebody flicked through the TV channels.

What have we got? Magnificence!

The Magnificent Seven – The Clash