Party Chambers

by Simon

Adam over here is talking about The Style Council and their first album Introducing today. It made me think about their first b-side, Party Chambers, which to me is one of those Weller B-sides that stay with you long after you’re sick of the A-side. It’s also pretty typical of a Weller strand that sort of got lost. It’s jazzy, but it’s not really jazz; it kind of sounds like 60s film soundtrack music, but modernised and Weller-fied. I’d sit it alongside The Jam tracks like The Great Depression and Shopping, both for quality B-side status and for their musical similarities.

I love the Moogy solo over the finish, it ends too abruptly for me: I could listen to that for hours.

I was 14 when I heard this first and in the midst of a huge teenage crush/unrequited love thing. It reminds me of wet pavements and Benson & Hedges; of really good chip shop chips and Coke of the cola variety. It sounds like the ups when she chose to smile at me and the downs when she ignored me completely.

“Let me sink in sadness, cause I can’t forget her;
She was on my mind and
Try as I might I spend all my time thinking about her”

The Style Council – Party Chambers