by Simon

Well this year is the last I’ll spend as a 30 something; I lost a parent and found out I’m to become a parent myself. Quite big events all.

And impacting on life in strange little ways. Musically I’ve always been fairly much the same since I was a teenager. Paul Weller, The Clash, The Who, 2 Tone, punk and old soul and reggae, with a detour into dance music during the late 80s early 90s.

But I’ve found that, during the ‘shock’ period after my loss and discovery of impending parenthood that my old records didn’t feel the same. So away mostly for the rare Northern soul sides and onto the iPod with my Sigur Ros albums which I’d quite liked before. Now they sound like masterpieces.

What else suddenly sounded good was Paul Simon; something about that weary resignation just feels like home. And now I find myself really loving Rumours. Yes. Fleetwood Mac. I started the year with an iPod full of rare soul and reggae sides and find myself finishing it with soft rock from the 70s.

There’s just something about it’s warmth and semi acoustics, the harmonies and the underlying tension that just makes it crackle like a real fire. And the fact that there’s no trace of irony involved, no tongue in cheek: they mean it. Man. And there’s a feeling that this is the blueprint for a whole generations music. No, it’s not The Clash. But there is a sense of cool about it that I didn’t think it would contain. Maybe I’m just getting old….