Random soul: Vee Gees – Talkin’

by Simon

I got given a home burnt compilation not so long ago. This track was on it. I have no idea who the Vee Gees were/are. I know this came out in about 1974 and was on the Jump Off label. That’s it, the track has travelled down from some original source like a lost treasure.

But it’s fantastic.

Just listen to that groove, the guitars and the harmonies. It’s a little bit Philly. But it’s quite trippy, those layered harmonies and the almost bluesy guitars take it off in some other direction. Musically it almost reminds me of Orange Juice…And in the centre is a great vocal. Really rich and lush.

Whatever. It’s damn damn good.

Vee Gees – Talkin’

(anybody got any more information?)