Random Play: Donovan

by Simon

I’ve a pile of albums around here that I may only listen to a handful of tracks from. Maybe a greatest hits that only four out of the twenty tracks were the reason for purchasing. I’ve a few of Donovan’s sixties albums which I listen to quite often, and a best of that is only useful for some of the 60s singles. But occasionally the odd track will come up on random by these sorts of people and I’ll sit back and go “what is that??!”

Rock ‘n’ Roll Souljer is from Donovan’s mid 70s output, when he wasn’t anywhere near as successful as he had been. Unsurprisingly this track pretty much disappeared from trace. Which is a shame because it’s damn good.

What does it sound like? Well, I’ve always thought that Bowie and Bolan owed Donovan a lot, musically, vocally, even image at various times (have you seen early pictures of Bolan in the Fisherman’s cap?); so it’s probably not a surprise that Donovan may have repaid the favour. Rock ‘n’ Roll Souljer is a glam rock pop stomper that sounds like T-Rex, Bowie and Steve Harley’s Come Up And See Me. And yes it does make me smile!

Donovan – Rock ‘n’ Roll Souljer