Sounds For Sunday

by Simon

Things have been a bit…interesting this week.

There have been letters from lawyers telling me I may have money, letters from employers telling me my job may be at risk, letters from musicians I’ve admired telling me they like my writings about them and an evening spent in a West End theatre listening to ABBA, which the Bump very much enjoyed if the movement was anything to go by.

Musically I’ve been on a funny little journey down a folky acoustic path, mixed in with some electronic music that at first glance had nothing to do with anything else. Typically, some investigation led me to discover that I was dancing around on the same path. There will be some tunes from that source later on in the week. If my bleeding fingers let me type.

Meanwhile on a Sunday we have some typically Northern(ish) tunes that may have a funny effect on you. If you find yourself wanting to go out and buy some Adidas gear, or Lambrini; or if you find yourself in KFC or running manically around Boots then it’s not my fault.

Happy Sunday!

Frankie Valli – Beggin’ (Pilooski edit)
Little Milton – More And More
Al Wilson – The Snake
Ernie K Doe – Here Come The Girls
The Flirtations – Nothing But A Heartache

*You have to laugh sometimes. I wrote this piece this morning, and then this evening an advert for a credit card comes on with yet another classic piece of Northern, Come On Train by Don Thomas.

That’s not exactly a well known tune however, so it suggests that the person involved is a fan of the music. Good God man, how do you listen to this stuff afterwards? Don’t you forever associate it with a commercial?

I’d suggest laying off the old soul for ad campaigns. There must be some other type of music that’s ripe for use. And that I can’t stand. Please!!