by Simon

Ok, forget dancing on Fridays, here’s three tracks that sound more like the Fridays of my life. Saturday night was always for dancing, Friday was more for going down the pub after wherever I’d been that day.

It’s really difficult to explain how much The Pogues meant to me. More Last Gang In Town than The Clash, almost more fire and passion than The Jam and Dexys combined and in my opinion the best lyricist of all time in Shane MacGowan. And they arrived in my life when I was about 17, searching for identity, and jumping on my Celt ancestry like it was a runaway horse.

Here’s three tracks, two of which are not so typical of The Pogues and probably their best song ever.

First up is the full length Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, where The Pogues turn to Stone of the Rolling variety. “I love your lips and I love your eyes, I love your breasts and I love your thighs” Great to turn up loud and jump up and down to.

Next is Haunted from the Sid & Nancy soundtrack, featuring Cait O’Riordan on vocals. This one is more like The Pogues doing Phil Spector by way of the Jesus & Mary Chain. And as far as I’m concerned it’s as good as that sounds, one of my favourite songs from the mid 80s, all spaced out romance.

But not as good as this next one: Rainy Night In Soho. I posted this last year sometime, but it was the remixed/re-recorded/whatever version. This is the original version from the Poguetry In Motion EP, which I absolutely adore. It’s rougher around the edges and simply majestic. Is there a better lyric than this song contains?

“There’s a light I hold before me and you’re the measure of my dreams” indeed. Indeed.

The Pogues – Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
The Pogues – Haunted
The Pogues – Rainy Night In Soho