Random Play: The Proclaimers

by Simon

Ah I love this track. Taken from The Proclaimers first album This Is The Story, The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues is that rare thing, a white soul song that conveys joy, ecstasy, pure uplifting soul. There are a few people that have done it, Van is one and dear Kevin Rowland is another. Craig and Charlie have always ‘proclaimed’ their love for Kevin and he was quite involved with them in the early days, advising and paying for studio time so they could record demos. And his influence is quite apparent on this.

And yet who knew you could create something so uplifting out of a visit to a Hibs away game?

Just listen to those soaring vocals and the urgency of the second half of the track, and tell me you don’t feel your soul take flight?

“I’m not gonna talk about doubts and confusion on a night when I can see with my eyes shut”

The Proclaimers – The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues