Random Play: Tracie Young!

by Simon

Can’t be posting Respond Records without mentioning Tracie. Tracie was the reason I bought Beat Surrender, and then Speak Like A Child and then a whole load of music. It was all her fault. There I’ve admitted it. I got into a whole youth sub-culture (so sub by this point that I was surfacing on the other side of the planet) because of a crush on a girl. All my Motown and Trojan and Who and Small Faces and Moment and Fred Perry shirts because of a girl. Tracie! Can’t forget that exclamation point.

Ah but what a girl. One of my favourite vocals ever by anybody on The Boy Hairdresser, a Weller original that was the b-side to Give It Some Emotion, Tracie’s second single. I love the high note she hits on the last verse, the one after the spoken middle. (Who was that speaking? Weller, Mick Talbot, or the late great Vaughn Toulouse?)

And then some eagle eyed folk may have noticed this posted in comments earlier on in the week, but I’ll post it ‘officially’: I Love You When You Sleep, a great song written by one Elvis Costello.

Ah what a song. Absolutely gorgeous.

Keeps On Burning indeed!

Tracie! – Boy Hairdresser
Tracie! – I Love You When You Sleep