Random Play: Wet Wet Wet

by Simon

Wet Wet Wet. I know. I know. Yes, that song. It did my head in too. I won’t mention it, so you don’t get it into your heads. Fifteen bloody weeks at number one though. Yeah, it definately did my head in.

But I’ll let you into a little secret. I own their first two albums. Actually I think I’ve three albums, because there’s one they did with Willie Mitchell in Memphis.

Anyway, despite being a fairly slick pin up band they were musically into a lot of the same stuff I listen to and post on here – for instance Dexys and Costello and old soul. So when my sister got a huge crush on their keyboard player back in the 80s I listened to their albums when she was out, having to buy them later on for myself.

Here’s a couple of b-sides from their early singles. The first Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight is a James Taylor tune that the Isley Brothers once covered to great effect, and the second World In Another reminds me of one of Wet Wet Wet’s other favourites Scritti Politti for some reason.

These are probably my favourite recordings by them, just because they’re not as slick as some of the more known tunes. And Marti Pellow was a great singer.

Yeah. I know. But I don’t care!

Wet Wet Wet – Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Wet Wet Wet – World In Another