Random Play: Goldfrapp

by Simon

Goldfrapp’s Black Cherry album was a huge album for my wife and me. It pretty much soundtracked our first six months to a year together. It was the only new album I’d bought that year. At the time I was sharing a flat with two other guys. One of them used to borrow it to soundtrack nocturnal visits from ladyfriends. I nearly bought a second copy so I could listen to it at least some of the time.

The big track on there for us was Train. I can recall many occasions when it provided a suitable soundtrack, but by far the funniest was the day after my birthday party that year. A friend had made special cookies as a present. We’d watched people visibly melting under their influence. Strong was not the word. And the wife and I finished them between us. All the while listening to Train on a loop. And then dissolving into hysterical laughter for several hours. All the while listening to Train on a loop. On a loop. On a loop. On a…you get the picture. I laughed so much that day that I couldn’t breath, my sides ached so much. And Train? I can still listen to it over and over and over. A brilliant track from one of my most favourite albums.

Goldfrapp – Train