The Songs That People Sing

First let's hear somebody sing me a record that cries pure and true

Month: June, 2009

The Moment: Live!!

One of my all time favourite bands, covered in these pages last summer, The Moment, are reformed and playing live in London this Wednesday July 1st, at The Fiddlers Elbow in Camden Town.

Go to this very page of the blog for details about them and to hear some tracks:

Should be a damn fine evening!


Blow Away The Cobwebs

I’ve been in a little bubble for a little while now, months maybe. I’m going to be exposed to the real world on Monday, none of this purified air any longer, only other peoples germs and bad moods. I really do need to find a new walk, a new swagger to deal with this strange new planet I find myself on. But in the meantime the old tunes carry enough weight to lift me up ten feet high.

“First lets hear somebody sing me a record that cries pure and true”

Deep breathe in, breath out slowly. And relax.

Or alternatively, as somebody I know said earlier today:

“Gram of billy and half a bottle of vodka comming right up !!”

Dexys Midnight Runners – Let’s Make This Precious

Paternity Leave

Just to let you know, I’m still alive, although I look today like I’ve gone through a war. Little Alfie is a joy so far, fingers crossed it stays that way!!

Music calms him when he is stressed, and gets his full attention when he is calm. Favourites so far include a Lee Perry reworking of an Al Green tune that I’ll remember in a moment, and the tinkly tinkly sounds of Doll On A Music Box from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The moment in that when Dick Van Dyke comes in with Truly Scrumptious actually made him visibly shiver! And the soundtracks of John Williams on random play helped me get him to sleep with a bad stomach.

In other news: I’m back at work next week, after nearly a month off. The Beautiful Wife and me are still looking at each other with that ‘oh shit what have we done’ face.

And my old iPod nano died a death so I’ve gone for a proper one. 120 gigs. Already full. And a cabinet of CDs that are nowhere near a computer. I need to do some editing. Two months of music if left to play, without hearing the same song twice. Wonderful Radio Simon.

Anyway, I’ll be back to something resembling normal service sometime soon!