Flying Pigs

by Simon

Well, I appear to have flu. And, in a borough of London that has a high Swine Flu count, there is the possibility that I too have become one of the many statistics they quote on the news. I think the last time I became a statistic was when I was unemployed years ago.

Anyway, I have to stay at home, to reduce the risk of spreading the disease. And I may be receiving a swab kit in the post so I can be checked out. Only maybe however, they don’t have enough to send to every body with possible symptoms.

And so, one of my all time favourite bands reforms and plays a gig in London, and I can’t go.

Damn it.

So if I can’t go out then I’m going to throw open the windows and turn up the music. A classic little Northern Soul tune, that as far as I’m aware isn’t available anywhere right now; full of summer. Enjoy!

Ginger Thompson – Boy Watcher