Somewhere else

by Simon

Well August came and went. And with it came a fairly big house move; one that took me somewhere else. I’ve been offline for nearly three weeks as well, thanks to the joys of getting anything done without a computer.

I’ve missed you lot!

The move has left me with a journey that is, shall we say, longer than it was previously. Long enough to catch up on books I’ve had sitting there and to listen to albums in their entirety instead of twenty minute snatches here and there. I’m still trying to work out where I am in the world, and not quite feeling at home yet. But it’s good. I’ve watched the sun rise over fields this week, which is a damn sight better than the early morning faces on the tube I have to say.

All is well.

However, I’ve still not unpacked my precious back up drive which has my music on it so there’s no tuneage for you today. Just a little hello as we get some unexpected September sunshine.