House In The Country

by Simon


Well not quite, but House In The Small Town isn’t quite as snappy.  I would never have believed I could live somewhere that wasn’t London.  Anybody who has known me over the years would be surprised to see me opening the curtains and smiling at a misty morning in a small town.  I’m liking the fact that people say hello to me on the street.

I’m not quite a stranger here though.  Family and friends on the Wife’s side live nearby, and about half a dozen people I work with live out this way and commute into town.  That’s a little weird, especially as people I’ve known for years through work know members of my immediate in-laws – a fact I wasn’t aware of until recently.

The psychedelic folk acoustic path my listening has been walking on continues, and it does feel suitable for misty morning train rides through the countryside.

Here’s a little taste of what I’m digging. Man.

Sufjan Stevens – Detroit Lift Up Your Weary Head