The Singles That People Sing

by Simon

Way way back, my first ever post was about the first single I bought.  This post features the second single I ever bought.  Kim Wilde was THE poster girl on my wall back in 1981.  I heard and saw her performing Kids In America and went out and bought the single.  Except I didn’t have a record player.  I didn’t get a record player for another 18 months.

I started a little note book, listing all the songs I wanted and ticking them off as I got them.  Chequered Love I heard for the first time on Mike Read’s Round Table, a Friday night review show on Radio One, where Mike and several guests would review the latest single releases.  I bought it the next day.  It was probably my favourite single that year, and listening to it now it still sounds great, all Blondie whoah whoahs and synth pop bleeps.  And a great ending that sounded great over headphones once I got a record player.

My fileshare account is playing up so here’s the video instead.  It’s probably more fitting to be able to see Kim as well as hear!!