Sounds For Sunday

by Simon

I’m on a Mod/Garage/Psych kick today, but just as danceable as the usual soul/reggae tunes.  I’m jumping in the red telephone box time machine and going back to the 60s for some groovy tunes with an international flavour.

First up is Gentle Influence from the UK, with a very groovy organ based Easy To Know, which will appeal to the Acid Jazz/Prisoners fans amongst you.  In fact it could have come from a Graham Day album.

Next is Mini Minnie by The Young Ones, which is so Swinging London it hurts, a little bit Kinks and a little bit Beatles.  But The Young Ones were actually Dutch.  You really wouldn’t know, the tune sounds like it should soundtrack Michael Caine walking through Carnaby Street.

And finally from the US a lovely little garage punk tune by The Morning Dew called Go Away, which chugs away like The Velvets on a bad day.

Groovy indeed!

Gentle Influence – Easy To Know
The Young Ones – Mini Minnie
The Morning Dew – Go Away