Sound For Christmas Day

by Simon

Ah Christmas; a time for resting and recovering from one of the most eventful and busy years I’ve ever had. Babies being born, or created (including one very lucky couple of people expecting twins!!!); people moving house, changing cities, counties, even countries. Friends who had been together for years as a couple split, another couple who had been apart for years got back together.

Wait, did I say a time for resting????? I’m knackered already. Running around after a little man with a cold, not quite accepting that Christmas was here, not even really noticing for a while. Until this afternoon, when this tune came on the Ipod and I saw the tin of chocolates in the kitchen.

Happy Christmas then, to all my visitors, and to all the other blogs I read. I’ve been there lurking, even if I haven’t commented. Hope you’re all ok and enjoying your holidays.

Ho HO HO!!

Sorry, did anybody hear that? And the sound of bells…


Smokey Robinson And The Miracles – Jingle Bells