New tunes…

by Simon

I don’t often post new stuff, but lately I’m listening to a lot of current stuff. Here’s a couple of bits and pieces that have gotten under my skin lately.

The first by Plan B is a nice bit of punky Dexys go Hip Hop, with a very cool video. If I was 16 this would make me want to go out and form a band.

The second is another British rapper, Example, only this is a lot more pop, but with a catchy as hell chorus.

After a couple of years of digging backwards into various musics (folk, reggae, psych) I find myself listening more and more to current stuff. It’s a matter of location and availability though. I don’t often have the iPod turned up loud these days, and running around after the little man it’s easier to have the tv on and tuned into music channels. These bursts of tune just seem to be seeping in.

They also sound ‘Now’, and not overly retro. Mid Life Crisis? Maybe. But if this is the sign of things to come I’m happy to be driving this particular red sports car!