Walking In Rhythm

by Simon

I was reading this today, and one of the things I love about Pelecanos is his use of music in his books.  At one point in the book Walking In Rhythm by The Blackbyrds is mentioned.   And since then, all day long it’s been going around and around my head.  So when I got home I wanted to hear it.  And guess what?  I don’t own it.  I’m sure I used to, so God knows where it ended up.  Or maybe it’s just that I know it so well from hearing it on the radio that I thought I owned it but never bought it.  So it’s a youtube job!!

What a tune, lovely and smooth.

But isn’t it funny how many tunes there are that we just know in our heads.  I could probably go for years without needing to listen to The Jam or The Clash or The Beatles or Motown, because they’re there, in my mind, like the original Ipod!