Milton Wright

by Simon

I’ve posted some Milton Wright, brother to Betty,  before now; you might know him from his Northern Soul classic The Gallup, or it’s vocal version I Belong To You.  But this is from his 70s output.  This track is from an album called Spaced from about ’77.  I picked it up from some blog somewhere, but hadn’t really listened to it until just recently.  The problem of having so much music to listen to, “Oh my god there’s so much, I’ll just listen to The Jam.  Again!”

This album is a lovely little slice of jazzy funk, like a more groovy Terry Callier and this track in particular is gorgeous.  And listen to the main riff in the song:  reminds me of something, and I’m thinking The Style Council, or Van circa Into The Music.


* The album might be found here.  And remember to say thanks!!