by Simon

Can you believe Maxinquaye was fifteen years old last month? I can remember the first time I heard it, it sounded like another planet. Both this album and the first Portishead album ended up as ‘coffee table’ music didn’t they? But they both sound otherworldly, dark and mysterious. This was not easy listening by any stretch of the imagination.

The track that led a lot of people into it was Black Steel which you will find below, a cover version of a Public Enemy track, turned into a full on punk metal track. My favourite track is Ponderosa, sounding like some sort of cross between Tom Waits and Lionel Bart and the Fun Boy Three. It’s funny actually, if you listen to the Fun Boy Three and some of the tracks on More Specials you can hear the roots of a lot of the mid 90s. Both Tricky and Massive Attack, and Blur cited Terry Hall as a big inspiration at the time.

Tricky – Black Steel