by Simon

I’m loving music as much as ever, even if I don’t blog about it. I’m not really listening to much of the older stuff right now though. A bit of old soul, a bit of old Weller and Strummer. But mostly I’m listening to stuff that’s out now. Some of it is the stuff that the little one likes from the TV, including (ahem) Cheryl Cole and the Black Eyed Peas. There’s a cracking single by Kelis, Acapella and the new Kate Nash album. If you like her first album and liked The Pipettes you will like the new one, it’s more of the same only swearier!

Plan B has produced what is probably my favourite single of the year, Stay Too Long. The album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ is superb, very in debt to Amy Winehouse’s retro thing, but excellent nonetheless. Retro-soul that feels strangely now. If you like any of the things that I’ve posted in the past you will like this. Trust me I’m a blogger.

And then there’s Weller’s new one, Wake Up The Nation. Check out the clip from Jools above. No Tears Left To Cry is one of the best tracks on it, but the whole album is of a similar standard, soulful and psychedelic, edgy and energetic. It’s almost shocking that somebody in their 50s is capable of that. If you didn’t know better you might think that this was somebody half his age. It’s probably my favourite Weller album for over 20 years. I never thought I would find Weller’s music exciting again but I’m loving this!

Gotta go, Alfie wants to dance to the Sugababes… šŸ˜‰