Kate Nash

by Simon

One of the albums I’m loving lately is the new Kate Nash, My Best Friend Is You. I was a big fan of the first album, which despite the lazy Lily Allen comparisons in the press, was actually a lovely slice of Regina Spektor influenced quirky pop. In places it reminded me too of Madness (or even Ian Dury…), and their – here’s that word again – quirky, very English pop music. There was a nice lyrical touch, veering between poetry and ordinariness, slang and song.

In other words if Kate Nash had been around 30 years ago she would have been on Stiff Records. Now, she could possibly be a Kirsty Maccoll for the 21st Century. With less cover versions…

The latest album is lot more ‘Indie’ than the first, although it still has a pop edge. There’s the girl group pop of Do Wah Doo which could be the Pipettes, I Just Love You More’s almost Sonic Youth sound and the Cockney Patti Smithisms of Mansion Song.

The Indie side of the album is really reminiscent of the early 90s, with Riot Grrrl influences all over the place, and Bernard Butler producing.

I’m also very much reminded of The Wonder Stuff, especially on Take Me To A Higher Plane, where the violin riffing is so Hup or Never Loved Elvis that it’s scary. Meanwhile Later On, which sounded like a weak track on first listen is now one of my favourite things.

I know there are people who haven’t really got time for Kate out there, but she really does fit in with the sort of stuff I post here. And she means it man….

Take Me To A Higher Plane
Later On