Dust settles

by Simon

Well nobody got what they wanted out of the election then. Not those who voted Tory, not those who voted Labour – and definitely not those who went the way of the Lib Dems. A vote for Lib Dems will keep the Tories out eh?

I have to admit to finding the whole thing fascinating. Especially interesting is the press. The Left leaning press seem to be trying to accept it, possibly thinking that the presence of the Lib Dems in government will hold back the more extreme Tory policies; but the undercurrent of the Right leaning papers is anger. The minute Cameron drops the ball they’re going to be on him like a pack of wolves.

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I can believe the Tories doing anything to get back in power, so I wasn’t really surprised. Seriously disappointed, but I didn’t really believe my vote would count for much. I’m just relieved I went with my heart and not with head. First time in my life where being a loser didn’t feel that bad.

So, back to 1986 for a cracking piece of jagged rock ‘n’ roll.

The Godfathers – This Damn Nation