I’m on the f***ing train!

by Simon

Ongoing computer problems mean no access to my music, except on the Ipod on my commute. So I’m afraid you may have to do the hard work yourself.  There are ways and means; just follow my recommendations.

Todays Ipod hit is Super Furry Animals, from their Hey Venus album.  Not my favourite, there are lots of stronger albums, but even their weaker moments are better than some bands best.

Baby Ate My Eightball jumped out at me this morning. Its like Bowie during the Eno days, all funky Teutonics, but with special guest stars the Beach Boys and the B52s guesting on backing vocals.  There’s also something of the Specials (More Specials era) to some of the backing vocals.  If you know that album you’ll spot which bit I mean.

Go search it out.  I hope to get back and post the tunes later.  But in the meantime, WordPress for Android app will mean more posting!