Seven Days

by Simon

I love The Police. Its funny how Sting’s solo career have taken them from their position as one of the worlds biggest bands to an almost guilty pleasure.  But damn they were great.  Brilliant songs, great playing and one of my favourite singers from that era.

So, to continue this slightly guilty pleasure, I really like some of Sting’s solo stuff.  Its all singles, but I get real enjoyment from his stuff, always have had.  Its not the excitement I get from say The Clash or the sheer joy from a great soul track.  But you shouldn’t knock enjoyment.

Seven Days is a great tune, with a great plucked string jazzy riff.   But listen closer and it turns out to be something of a Police tribute. Lyrics reference classic Police songs (“its a big enough umbrella…), and at one point the drummer starts playing away on the cymbals in a very Copeland fashion.

I spent a week recently with it in several playlists, and I’m not fed up of it.  And, I guess, not even slightly embarrassed by loving it. 

(“Yes children, once The Police were as big as you could get, And then Sting saved the rain forests and had sex for a really long time.  And then Bono took over….)