Temporary Secretary

by Simon

Not the worlds biggest McCartney fan it has to be said.  There’s something smug about him that I’ve never gotten on with.  I can deal with the Beatles, but until recently I ignored his solo works – apart from the obvious singles like Live And Let Die.  So McCartney II was a revelation.  Waterfalls for instance is as good as anything else Paul was responsible for.

And then there’s this, the 2nd ipod hit of the day, with its synths and low key vocals.  It reminds me of Robert Palmer round the same time, and early Prince, and Thomas Dolby.  And possibly Sparks.  Its damn good, and so not Beatles-y that its even more lovable.

As before go search; it’s probably on the old youtube.

God, remember reading about music before all of this stuff?  Keeping lists, even only in your head of stuff you wanted to hear. And then buying them weeks, months or even years later.  Remember being disappointed but keeping on trying to like something because you had paid money for it without ever hearing it first?