Have You Made Up Your Mind?

by Simon


Ipod chucked Weller at me this morning.  Have You Made Up Your Mind was the lead single from 22 Dreams, and it was on the surface, a fairly typical Weller solo single, complete with Steve Craddock on guitars, and its soul meets White Album stylings, not a million miles from something like Out Of The Sinking.  But closer listening pointed out a certain mid 70s sheen, like 10cc on I’m Not In Love, the sheen hiding the weirder ambiences below.

There are these queasy strings rolling around, and extra sharp guitars; the backing vocals have too much reverb, and the melody takes you down some odd turns.  And Weller sounds almost heartbroken, which he hadn’t done since the early days of The Style Council. (Nearly 30 years ago!)  Its possibly my favourite Weller tune in 20 years, and was a pretty definite indication that we were in a new Weller phase.