Kings Of The Western World

by Simon


By Deacon Blue popped up today.  A b-side, but a bloody lovely little slice of pop, in debt to the likes of the Sprout but still great in its own way.

I loved Deacon Blue.  I was completely obsessed with Scottish pop in the 80s. A lot of it had to do with Roddy, who I thought was a genius, but it was also to do with my obsession with funk guitar which so many of them were messing about with (APB anybody?).  So I was probably inevitable that when I heard Deacon Blue on the radio singing Loaded I would fall for it.  And it had another of my obsessions from the 80s, a girl singing distinctive backing vocals.  That’s what got me into Weller….ah Tracie…..In the case of DB it was the lovely Lorraine.

I bought the Raintown album not long after that, and didn’t find one track I didn’t like.  Sure it was a little too shiny in that late 80s way.  It wanted to be the Big Music, but was a little too rooted.  The lyrics and melodies and voices though moved me, and continue to do so quietly.  And the summer in London was a wet one, grey clouds and plenty of rain.

I wrote to the band, as I did on occasion when something got to me.  Normally nobody replied, but this time I got a postcard from Lorraine, and an invite to meet them backstage at a gig they were playing in London.   They were lovely, and fantastic live.  I got a few more postcards from Lorraine over the coming months and then they became huge.

“You laugh cos you’re loaded, things look different from there”  Like Lloyd Cole’s women with the initial J, a lot of the romance in my life, for good and bad, came straight from that line…

Now I’ve some perspective I find that the more important music in my life isn’t the things I think it is, but things that I’ve almost forgotten to include in my story.  I guess Raintown is one of those things.