by Simon

Patti Smith Group of course.  One of my all time favourite tracks from one of my all time favourite albums, Horses.

Man, that is a performance to scorch the paint off a car.  On fire is putting it mildly.  Most punk sounds half asleep in comparison, and given the amount of speed most of them were consuming, that’s saying something!

I love the lyrics, the poetic moments in amidst the rock’n’roll cliches; and the way Patti snarls and chews her way through them.

And sexy too, dangerously so, especially in comparison to most British punk, which was a lot of things but mostly not sexy.  Patti sounds like she’s either having sex right at that moment or hasn’t had it for a long time and is just about to.  And you know that it won’t be pretty, but will knock the breath from you and leave you feeling like you were caught in a storm.