Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love

by Simon

Written by Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry with Elvis Presley in mind apparently, this slice of Brit disco was number one when I started secondary school.  I was eleven and had been small for my age in my last school; I was tiny in my new school.  Some of the boys in my year were already 5 foot 6 at the age of 11, I was 4 foot 10.  And a half.

This song with its cheesy disco laser drums seems like an odd soundtrack to that time but I loved it.  The other side to that time musically was Madness and Baggy Trousers.  Which made so much sense to my eleven year old self that it scares me to listen and remember. That big old drafty building, with teachers who had been there since the 50s, danger around every corner and the Batman-like cape the headmaster wore.