My favourite punk album

by Simon

One of my favourite albums ever too: S*M*A*S*H. Self Abused.  Furious, thrashy and just a little ridiculous, but my god they meant it man!

A cross between all the obvious culprits, Clash, Pistols, Jam, Buzzcocks etc, with a touch of Pixies and an obvious knowledge of the roots of punk (Iggy, Velvets). 

Lyrically Oh Ovary is probably the most ridiculous but the conviction in the vocals make it a cracking little tune.  But still:  “Oh ovary, banging on your walls” makes me smile.

Other favourites are Another Love, Real Surreal and the Valentines Day single release Lady Love Your C***.  Storming stuff and what I used to listen to when I’d had enough of the dance music that was my staple diet in the mid 90s….

I know its not everybody’s idea of a classic, but I love it.