I Get Around

by Simon


The Beach Boys.

When I was about eight or nine I had a little mono cassette machine and a tape I used to play all the time.  It was the Beach Boys greatest hits, which I think was advertised on the tv. The one with the surfer on the front.

Even now when I hear them I get blasted back to the late 70s.  What I had forgotten was how weird I thought they sounded.

All the vocals sound almost insane, and I Get Around, for such a lively tune there’s a real melancholy edge to it.

I vaguely remember feeling this way about when I was little –  it kind of sounded like gingerbread houses in the middle of the forest, if you know what I mean.

The other thing that came back to me when I Get Around came on the Ipod was how much it sounded like a foreign language.  I don’t mean some of the terms or Americanisms; I mean it sounds like an unknown language.  The harmonies and rhythms break up the words to such an extent that they just become sounds.  It almost becomes instrumental.  Its no wonder that in my head I still associate Beach Boys with classical music – it evokes similar feelings.

I was a weird little kid by the way, always drawing, creating little stories and listening to the radio quietly through the night….