Get Yourself Together

by Simon

Five minutes later up comes The Jam with their version of the Small Faces Get Yourself Together from the live EP that came with Snap!

The original is a good later period SF tune,  soul influenced, but a little whimsical.  The Jam’s version perhaps coloured by their splitting up, and my lack of familiarity with the song at the time becomes their own.  Starting with some interesting and very typical early 80s backing vocals, it shifts the gears up from the original and stomps harder, and Weller, with his voice cracking delivers one of my favourite of his vocal performances.  He still sounds a little like an angry frog, like he did a lot with The Jam live, but its an emotional performance, that never fails to move me.

(There’s a studio version on The Jam’s extras album. Its a bit of a cheat, cos the vocals were recorded by Weller in the 90s. Look for the live version…..)