Watch The Sun Come Up

by Simon

Example started off as a rapper in the Mike Skinner mold and was signed to his label for a time.  He has since moved into a more melodic area, producing a kind of generic for 2010 synthpop.  Its nice enough, catchy but not outstanding.

But this morning as I watched the sunrise a remix of an Example track Watch The Sun Come Up turned up on the shuffle.  The Devils Gun ‘zeitgeist’ mix, which I’ve got on a Hed Kandi comp, formed one of those perfect moments when life and music meet.

The mix?  It sounds just like you’d expect a track with that name to sound, bubbly tingling synths and mildly euphoric arms in the air moments.  Nothing too through the roof, you want to be calming down as the sun comes up after all.  It sounds a little like the Chems Saturate with a very 70s moog line over the top.   Luvverly!