by Simon

There’s a post over at Uncle E’s Musical Nightmares (excellent blog – go check it out via the blogroll to the right) about the top 5 best albums of the 90s. Or rather his best albums of the 90s. Yours or mine will probably be different.

In that top five is the excellent lost classic Giant Steps by The Boo Radleys, surely one of the greatest albums of any era, never mind the 90s. But enough of that, I’ve posted about that before, and probably will again.

Meanwhile coincidentally I’ve been listening to one of my favourite albums of the 90s, after time away from it. Home by Spearhead.

Michael Franti had been in the ultra intelligent (and very in debt to Gil Scott-Heron) Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. They had been possibly more about the message than the music and were seen as super serious. Spearhead were more musical, more humourous, and super super funky. A fantastic live act, they managed to bring that to their first album Home. Funky as, and bringing Sly Stone and Bob Marley into the brew alongside Scott-Heron. Fantastic lyrics, great tunes and that funky band swinging into action.

I have to admit to not following them for a few years (I’m putting that right this week, so expect more), but there are some great follow up albums out there too.

Here’s one of the singles from Home, Of Course You Can. It’s probably the most commercial track on the album, but it’s by no means outstanding in comparison. An album filled with class funky tunes. Go search it out.

Spearhead – Of Course You Can