Rose Elinor Dougall

by Simon

Something quite new for the autumn.  Rose Elinor Dougall used to be in The Pipettes (lead voice on Dirty Mind and Judy) and is currently to be heard to great effect on the latest Mark Ronson album.  But she also has a solo album of her own out called Without Why

There are those of you out there who will need to get this album.    It is a mix of guitars, both fuzzy electric and gently strummed and picked.  There are pop songs that soar and swoop and ambient atmospherics with strings and buzzing synths and moody pianos.  There is the voice, very English, almost folk.  And there are lyrics that slide into the brain sideways.

As the leaves change colour it is starting to sound like a perfect soundtrack.

To use comparisons, if you like The Sundays and Belly and Sandie Shaw singing Hand In Glove you will like this.  It is old fashioned Indie (with a capital I), the way it was when you could buy an album on Rough Trade with a fiver and still have change for a fish supper.  The voice sounds like the missing link between Harriet and Miss Ellis Bextor.  It is music for floppy fringed Indie boys to dream to.

This is probably the centrepiece of the album, a beautiful slice of something to watch the leaves leave the trees.